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Quad Expert    Dominating the PowerSports Industry in Eastern Ontario

Quad Expert

We have a tremendous amount of Knowledge in ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile and Off Road Vehicle Industry. From basic maintenance and repairs to complex engine rebuilds to Extreme Performance Tuning! We offer a huge variety of services and products that you won’t find at any other dealer! We share your Passion!
Quad Expert
Quad Expert
2019 Husqvarna Team Hat

The perfect hat for the young ripper in your crew to show their HQV love!
Flex Fit - one size fits most

Currently in stock
Please call for price

Quad Expert
Quad Expert
Deal are here now!
Come pick out your ride.
Up to 2500$ off on our Husqvarna street motorcycle!
Get more Ypp (Yamaha protection program) for less.
Free helmet with a purchase of a selected Street Yamaha motorcycles.
Call 613-487-7823 ext 27
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Quad Expert
Quad Expert
Chloé will be competing on her new husky Te150 next year!
Good luck and take it easy on the guys 😜
Quad Expert
Quad Expert
Proud fella!
Picking up his new Yamaha Yxz1000R
Congrats Jocelyn
Enjoy your new Rocket!!
Quad Expert
Quad Expert
Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus

Alcohol-free Yamahalube Fuel Stabalizer & Conditioner PLUS is specifically formulated to help protect your engine's fuel system from the harmful effects of ethanol-enriched fuel, including its corrosive effects on metals as well as fuel system gum and varnish that can result from fuel oxidation. Also effective with non-ethanol fuels. When used as directed, helps keep fuel fresh and potent during normal use and even up to 1 year of storage. May be used with Yamahalube Ring Free Plus. Use this product on a continuous basis. 1 oz. Fuel Stabalizer & Conditioner PLUS to every 3 gallons of fresh gasoline. For storage over 2 months add 1 oz of Fuel Stabalizer & Conditioner to every 1 gallon of fresh gasoline. Run the engine for several minutes to circulate the treated fuel and top off the tank with treated fuel to minimize condensation in the tank.
Keeps fuel fresh and potent during prolonged storage up to a year.

Prevents gum and varnish deposits.
Draining fuel for storage is not necessary with the use of this product.
Cleans Carburetion Systems-Dissolves gum and varnish in fuel system.
Corrosion Inhibitor-Protects against corrosion in carburetor and fuel systems.
Also prevenst carburetor icing and gas line freeze.
Absorbs water in fuel line system and extends spark plug life.

Currently in stock
Please call for pricing

Quad Expert
Quad Expert
$2000 off or 4yr warranty extension on 2019
Yamaha Viking 700cc
#SeptemberSale #2remaining #dependable
#mustgo #needroom #2.99% #yamahamotorcanada
Quad Expert



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