Financing Options

Financing Options

Welcome to Quad Expert’s Finance Department!  We’re here to give you the best financing solutions for the purchase of you new or pre-owned powersports Vehicle; ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile or RV’s!

Loan application form (Large)Did you know we can add accessories, warranties & insurances to your vehicle’s financing deal? Get everything at once! Why not treat yourself to a new Helmet, an ATV Plow, even better a set of Tracks, a Tire,…… the sky is the limit! You tell us what extra’s you would like and we’ll make it happen!


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Not sure if you’d qualify for financing? We’re here for you! We work hard to get you approved at the best possible rates and terms! It is always our pleasure to sit down with you and find out which vehicle fits your budget!  What are you waiting for? Give us a call 613-487-7823!




1)     2 Pieces of Identification:
Drivers License (Large)Passport (Large)




You will need to bring in two pieces of identifications. Here’s a short list of the most popular id’s accepted; Driver’s license, Social Insurance Card, Visa or Debit card with your name on it, Birth Certificate, Passport etc…* our lenders are not recognizing the Health Card as a valid Identification card


2)     A Copy of a Void Cheque:

void cheque (Large)




You will need to bring a copy of a void cheque with you name written on it….(our lenders won’t accept a cheque with your name and address hand written on it). If cheques are not your thing…it’s ok! Go to your online banking and search for “cheque specimen! Not sure what that is? No worries…we’ll guide you through it!


3)     Fill out the Loan Application Form:

Meeting (Large)   Our Financing Expert will fill out a loan application with you. They’ll need to ask you a couple of personal questions; your marital status, your address, your work, your income etc!    If you’ve been at your current address and work for less than 2 years, you’ll be asked to provided us with details of your previous address and employment!

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Once you’ve completed and sign the application form you let us do the rest of the work for you! We will negotiate with our lenders and get back to you with an approval! We know how eager you are to get Riding! Come in and let us get you riding again!



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