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Bad luck this weekend ended saturdays race early for Aidan when a rock lodged itself in the front brakes seized and his front wheel wouldn’t turn. He managed to complete a lap with the wheel stuck to salvage some valuable points.
Sunday was much better when Aidan rode a great race and pulled out a 5th for the day.
Special thanks to Quad Expert, Kimpex Canada, Husqvarna motorcycles. Without your support, this wouldn’t be possible.
One last round to go next weekend.

Another holeshot this weekend in La Tuque Quebec!

Bad luck was on our side this time. Aidan had a great start as always but an injury from the weekend before came back to force aidan to pull off the track. A very upset little boy but we will regroup for the next race in a couple weeks. Special thanks to Kimpex Canada and Quad Expert for their support. Couldn’t do it without them.


Getting ready for the start of the Peewee A race. Rain is starting so will see how this turns out. — at Octane Parc.

Guess who got the bright idea to race with aidan this weekend?
Been many moons now since the last time I raced, and this time I took the training wheels off!! Lol”

Another great day to race here in Mont Laurier quebec. Good weather, great equipment and an awesome ride put Aidan Bower up front in the Peewee A Atv class for a 1st place finish. Special thanks to Quad Expert, and Kimpex Canada for the continued support as always. Couldn’t have done it without you!

A 4th place finish for Aidan Bower in the Peewee A class at Victoriaville this weekend was tough going. After a week of rain, the track was a mud fest and hard on the riders and equipment. A special thanks goes out to Quad Expert and Kimpex Canada for their support. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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